Le Mans Metropole Economic Development Agency

“Why did you choose Le Mans and was the automobile tradition in the city apart of your decision:” “Absolutely! There were three key criteria: Proximity to Paris was key for us since our seat remained in Boulogne Billancourt Automotive tradition ... [ En savoir + ]

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Témoignage : DR WOLFGANG ULLRICH: Director of Audi Sport

“Coming to Le Mans is always something very special for me. Take a look at the catherdral from the city center and you will see that history and future technologies are brought together in one place here; I’ve never seen that before. We feel that the whole city lives to the rhythm of the race. I remember a drivers parade where I was driving a car, seeing all those people in the windows and on the side of the road, it really impressed me. For Audi, the decision to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1999, marked a big step forward. We had to fight on another field with cars built specifically for the event. Audi then took a more sporty direction. This is the most beautiful and most important motor race in the world. We made a F1 season in a weekend with one car that had 30% less consumption. This race allows technological advances that can be found on our production cars. “

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