Le Mans Metropole Economic Development Agency
JOEL GILBERT: Director of Reasearch at LAUM ET CNRS
JOEL GILBERT: Director of Reasearch at LAUM ET CNRS

“The acoustic laboratory of the University of Maine (LAUM) associated with the CNRS, with 60 permanent researchers and forty doctoral students, is one of the largest laboratories in Europe in its field. With the technology transfer center of Le Mans ... [ En savoir + ]

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Témoignage : BENOÎT HOVINE: Director at ICAR

“Why did you choose Le Mans and was the automobile tradition in the city apart of your decision:”

“Absolutely! There were three key criteria:

  • Proximity to Paris was key for us since our seat remained in Boulogne Billancourt
  • Automotive tradition was crucial because we needed after-sales technicians
  • Le Mans Development was decisive in that it helped us get our feet on the ground

While Le Mans offers fewer cultural offerings in Paris, they are so accessible here that we benefit more.”

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