Le Mans Metropole Economic Development Agency
DR WOLFGANG ULLRICH: Director of Audi Sport
DR WOLFGANG ULLRICH: Director of Audi Sport

“Coming to Le Mans is always something very special for me. Take a look at the catherdral from the city center and you will see that history and future technologies are brought together in one place here; I’ve never seen that ... [ En savoir + ]

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Company Snapshot : ISF

Address : 4 rue Hector Berlioz - 72000 LE MANS
Telephone : 02 43 39 91 91
Fax : 02 43 39 91 99
Website : www.groupeisf.com

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Activity :

Centre de formation professionnelle : formation, conseil, accompagnement

NAF Code : 8559A - Formation continue d'adultes
Turnover : 3800000 €
Legal form : Association loi 1901
Area : 1100 m2
Creation date : 07/07/1994
Number of employees(s) : 34
Number of executives(s) : 4
Responsible(s) : Alain BUFFETRILLE (Directeur Général) - Sébastien MARCHALL (Directeur Adjoint )

Mis à jour le 17 October 2019

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