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DR WOLFGANG ULLRICH: Director of Audi Sport
DR WOLFGANG ULLRICH: Director of Audi Sport

“Coming to Le Mans is always something very special for me. Take a look at the catherdral from the city center and you will see that history and future technologies are brought together in one place here; I’ve never seen that ... [ En savoir + ]

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Parks and Gardens

These “green lungs” are everywhere in the city.

From Quinconces des Jacobins to the Parc à Fourrage, through the Jardin des Plantes, the art of gardening developed as from the late eighteenth century with the creation of Monod Park near the hospital, Banjan Park, the île aux Planches and others, where you can walk, relax and watch your children play.

The Gourdaine and Tanneries gardens adorn the banks of the Sarthe and highlight part of the Roman wall and the remnants of the medieval wall.

From the most romantic to the most contemporary, from the smallest garden to the vast landscapes of the Gué Plain in Maulny, discover a green city that gives pride of place to nature.

Arche de la Nature

Located ten minutes from the centre of Le Mans, the Arche de la Nature offers visitors a vast natural space. As they tread the paths, walkers discover the river, farmland and forest and can walk to the Maison de l’Eau, the Maison de la Forêt, and the Prairie Farm. In all, there are 450 hectares of nature, always free and open to the public.

The forest and nature reserve

The Arche de la Nature forest spreads over nearly 300 hectares. It is representative of the forest landscape of our region and is a privileged habitat for many wild animals: deer, boar, pheasant, etc.

It offers a remarkable 2.5 km circuit of trees, arboretum, footpaths and marked mountain biking trails, disc golf course, and three marked orienteering circuits.

The Maison de la Forêt

In a showroom of 180 sq. m, discover the forest environment through an approach that is both playful and appeals to your senses: many wild animals (live or naturalised), vegetable oils (stabilised and resinous) and promotion of the timber industry.

The Maison de l’eau

The Maison de l’Eau is home to three aquariums with fish from our rivers: trout, barbel, bream, etc. Visit the old water plant to browse the history of water treatment. An exhibition hall covers water in a more scientific and playful way.

A Bollee wind device for pumping water was relocated to the site entrance.

The conservatory farm and vegetable garden

With its stable, its sheepfold, its farmyard, stables and pastures, the Prairie Farm hosts many local breeds of animals, some of which are unusual (western white sow, Norman donkey, Le Mans chicken or Saosnoise cow).

In the centre of the farm, the vegetable garden offers a nice variety of plants and gardening techniques.

The stables of Percheron horses are open to the public.

The Le Mans plants and art festival: Between Courses and Gardens

In celebration of autumn, the Cité Plantagenêt generously opens its secret, very secret gardens one weekend a year. This is a unique opportunity to enter these small gardens shielded by high walls, hidden behind fences and gates. Some guessed at; others are unsuspected. They lie exposed in their cases, in the heart of the city of art and history, and in their turn become gardens of memory.

The discovery is well worth the effort.

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