Le Mans Metropole Economic Development Agency

“Why did you choose Le Mans and was the automobile tradition in the city apart of your decision:” “Absolutely! There were three key criteria: Proximity to Paris was key for us since our seat remained in Boulogne Billancourt Automotive tradition ... [ En savoir + ]

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Dirigeants Commerciaux de France

The business leaders of France , or DCF , is a network of managers / sales managers and SME / SMI managers. The DCF movement revolves around numerous events related to the sales function . With 85 years of history , its members mobilize and organize many events to meet two main objectives:
-Develop Business culture in France
-To Promote the functions related to the sale in France .

Main missions :

Federate and promote networking around conferences and panel discussions , company visits , round tables ... through formal or informal discussions , but always friendly , members of the DCF network receive expert advice from their peers and prepare to meet the challenges of the future for the development of the commercial function of their business
Awareness of the commercial function
Publié le 04 June 2015

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