Le Mans Metropole Economic Development Agency

“At Le Mans, we have multiplied our sales by five and have become the world leader in the production of screen printing squeegees. Today, Fimor has 50 employees at Le Mans and 80 in the world. We deliberately chose to ... [ En savoir + ]

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Témoignage : STÉPHANE BREDEL: Director at SUCO VSE

“Why did your company decide to leave Créteil for Le Mans?”

“My mission was to find a place that can satisfy several criteria: an industrial area with a good network of infrastructures for trading because we get a lot of material. Le Mans is just perfect for that with its motorway Star 7 branches. It is also a nice area to live with affordable land prices. This is an important point when one is in Paris where everything is expensive. Finally, it had to be easily accessible for our German managers. The direct route by train (Roissy / Le Mans) without going through the Gare Montparnasse was a point which counted heavily for our decision to move.Additionally, Lemans development treated us exceptionally well and supported us in every step of the move. I don’t know if it would have been possible without them”

“What are your recruitment criteria?”

“What is important for us is to find a place where we can hire people who have an industrial culture and Le Mans seemed well placed for this criterion”

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