Le Mans Metropole Economic Development Agency

“Why did you choose Le Mans and was the automobile tradition in the city apart of your decision:” “Absolutely! There were three key criteria: Proximity to Paris was key for us since our seat remained in Boulogne Billancourt Automotive tradition ... [ En savoir + ]

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Témoignage : ALEX ZUCKERMAN: PDT at Groupe Fimor

“At Le Mans, we have multiplied our sales by five and have become the world leader in the production of screen printing squeegees. Today, Fimor has 50 employees at Le Mans and 80 in the world. We deliberately chose to settle here and nobody opposed the move. We export to 85 countries in effect and have just landed our first contracts with companies sarthoises. It was the government that was the decisive factor in our move. They encouraged us to come, the Sarthe environment is extremely open.

The adaptation was perfect on all points. We have 0 turnover. The quality of life here is 4 stars. I come every day to work by bike. High schools are good, there is no segregation between the age groups in this city. Security is incomparable. In everyday life it is extremely important. There is a sense of wellbeing diffused in Le Mans. And the future looks good for us with forecasts of doubling the number of short-term business, the construction of a new production line, and the construction of additional 150 sqm of office space. “

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